OEM Solutions

As a one-stop solution provider, we offer sourcing, design and manufacturing services for your OEM products in the areas of personal, baby, medical, industrial and airport weighing solutions, as well as customized component solutions.

Incorporating the latest communication technologies like wireless and network systems, the products developed by us stand out in innovation in the weighing industry.

Our OEM customer base since our incorporation in 2007:

  • NKF (National Kidney Foundation), Singapore
  • Fresenius (FMC), Asia & Europe
  • Artsana/Chicco, Italy
  • BodyTel, Germany
  • Bosch, USA
  • Health-O-Meter, USA
  • Henry Schein, Germany
  • Medela, Switzerland
  • Siemens, Germany & Asia
  • Vulkan, Germany
  • Vorwerk